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Imagine if your TV automatically paused whatever you were watching when you left the room. That's the future the folks behind PredictGaze have in mind. 

In order for PredictGaze to work, all you need is an inexpensive webcam that sits ontop of your television. The camera scans the room for people, and if none are found, whatever is playing will pause. Additionally, PredictGaze will somehow be able to scan the room and determine the viewer's ages to determine if they are old enough to watch certain content. If they aren't, the content will be blocked. It's like a digital Mrs. Doubtfire.  

Soon you will be able to enjoy the benefits of PredictGaze when on the go with your iPad. On the iPad, the camera will become an extra security blanket. Personal information will be blocked if the non-registered person unlocks the iPad. Check out more videos of PredictGaze in action on its website here.

[PredictGaze via Gajitz]