Michigan police arrested a man in a Batman costume after they said he kept interrupting their investigation at the scene of a personal injury accident (Batman is helping you solve a crime—that's no way to repay him).

Mark Wayne Williams (coincidence? Probably) was arrested for obstructing a police investigation when he showed up in a Batman outfit, and was "screwing up the scent" for the canine at the crime scene. Police were worried that the canine would get distracted by Williams's scent instead. 

Police confiscated Williams's costume, as he was ordered not to wear the costume six months ago after resisting/obstruction charges one year ago. He was also arrested in May 2011, after he was spotted patrolling the top of a building dressed as Batman. 

This story went from bad, to worse. They can't take away his costume, he's the goddamn Batman! That's the opposite of justice. 

[via Fox News]