Williamsburg resident Jasheem Smiley captured video that shows a man board the 4 train and sexually assault a sleeping woman as other passengers looked on. Smiley says the man boarded the train at 96th Street looking incredibly suspect, then glared at the woman as if he knew her. Smiley began filming as soon as the man started groping the woman.

Disgusted by what he had witnessed, Smiley, along with another passenger, yelled at the man and tried to wake the victim. That didn't work, but when the man attempted to pull her closer, she woke up and punched him "pretty hard" in the cheek when she realized what was going on. The woman, who Smiley says was not intoxicated, exited the train at the next station. 

Smiley says he showed the footage to the conductor, who stopped the train, but the man had already fled. The MTA is currently investigating the incident.

[via Gothamist and Gawker]