A mother of an Iowa elementary school student states that her son was subjected to a rather unorthodox disciplinary technique. After her son's music teacher caught him giving another student a "raspberry," the teacher asked 9-year-old Jaxon how he would like it if other students had spit on him. The teacher then instructed the other students to spit on Jaxon, who was summarily surrounded by students spitting on his head and shoulders. 

One would think that it would've been the son that told the mother about the incident, but it was actually the teacher that called Alex Kindopp's home to notify her first (on the scale of douche-y alpha moves, that one is up there). Jaxon corroborated the story when he got home from school. 

Apparently, there's only so much off-key singing of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" an elementary school music teacher can take before snapping completely. 

[via KCRG]