56-year-old Mary Archer, who has worked for Arby's for 23 years, was fired last weekless than a day after escaping an attempted armed robbery at the fast-food establishment. Archer had been an assistant manager at the Fairborn, OH location, and was shutting the store down around 1 a.m. Friday morning when a man entered and threatened her with a knife. Another co-worker had just gone home, leaving Archer alone in the store with the knife-wielding man.

She was backed into the store's office, but managed to push the man away and jump out of the drive-thru window. Archer said she fled because she was "not going to die in Arby's" that night. You'd think upper management would understand, considering the circumstances and the fact that this was the third in-store armed robbery Archer had experienced in six months, right? Wrong. 

Archer was immediately terminated for violating the comapny's safety and security policy by not having at least two employees present in the store at all times. A human resources rep for Arby's said he "felt bad" for Archer, but the company's policy required "termination without exception." 

Archer doesn't even want her job back, saying there are no alarms or cameras in the restaurant. Hard to blame her.

[via Gawker]