Nicole Scherzinger sat on the judges panel during the last series of the X-Factor USA, alongside Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Abdul and Scherzinger were axed from the panel and replaced with Britney Spears and Demi Lovato this season but the Pussycat Doll says she's really enjoying the season—and not sitting alongside Cowell.

"I was with Simon last week. I went to school with Simon, he taught me what to do and that's how I started on this show," she said in an interview with UK's The Sun. "It's weird for him not to be there, getting under my skin, driving me nuts. I'm actually having a pleasant time on this show."

Scherzinger added she's an artist first and a judge second, saying ""I'm very empathetic to how they're feeling and I don't want to let them go. It breaks my heart to see them leave and it's the hardest part of the competition."

[via The Sun]

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