No two young comic book writers are better than Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire. Though DC’s New 52 has been a mixed bag at times, these two have turned each book they are on into pure pop magic. And at the Vertigo panel that was held on Friday, it was announced that both men would be debuting new series for the imprint in 2013.

Snyder revealed that he will be writing a series called The Wake with artist Sean Murphy. Not much about the book was discussed, but Snyder said it would be a sci-fi/horror blend dealing with oceanic myth.

Vertigo then announced that Lemire would be writing and illustrating Trillium, a love story that will connect two people separated by thousands of years. Both of these titles are very secretive as of now, but these are two of the best writers in comics, and it’s nearly impossible not to be excited about these projects.