Roswell has a history of strange occurrences, but they never involve men fighting stop signs. Until now. Police were informed of a man literally fighting a stop sign, and happened upon 45-year-old Raymond Garcia at the scene of the brawl. Police say that Garcia was high on an unidentified drug, and after battling with the stop sign, soon directed his anger at the fuzz. 

After Garcia attempted to flee, police hit him with Taser darts. As cops approached, he kicked them, prompting them to fire more Tasers darts. He ripped them out of his chest like a superhero and wrestled an officer's baton away from him, attempting to use it against the cops. Not even the pepper spray could stop him: He simply wiped his face.

When Garcia was arrested, he was charged with aggravated assault against an officer, and resisting and disarming officers.

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[via The Huffington Post]