Fans of first-person-shooters are constantly being catered to. The genre is a juggernaut unto itself, and its fans are some of the most vocal and rabid when it comes to game-play and controls.

Enter the Delta Six Motion Controller. An almost shockingly accurate looking peripheral for all of your FPS needs. Both the Wii and the PlayStation Move attempted something like this a few years back and the reception was tepid at best. This movie accurate gun controller is looking to up the FPS experience to something beyond a game.

The gun’s creator David Kotkin believes that this piece of hardware can replace the controller in FPS titles, “This wins against a regular controller even with an Avenger adapter on it! We’re more excited about Delta Six than any other project to date.”

The controller will set you back $89 and will not be available to gamers under the age of 21. Two models, a SMG and an assault rifle, will be available for the launch next year. Watch the trailer to see the Delta Six in action. 

What do you guys think? Will this replace your controller? Let us know on Twitter.

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[via egmnow]