Like we reported in September, Earth Defense Force 2017—a five-year-old former Xbox 360 exclusive—has been ported to PS Vita. What an age we live in, when a console game can be brought directly to a handheld system. Granted, EDF wasn't the most technically advanced game, even five years ago.

Still, it has its charms. Like dozens of guns and giants alien insects and robots to shoot, or four-player co-op on every level, plus competitive multiplayer, a feature new to the Vita version. The press release sent out with the game's release announcement also reveals that Pale Wing, a character who we're assured is a "fan favorite," has returned with jet pack on hand.

Earth Defense Force 2017 on PS Vita has everything it had before, plus some new missions and weapons, according to the most recent announcement. The release date is some time "this winter." Are there enough multiplayer Vita games? What else are you looking forward to?