The baller enthusiasts at 2K Sports have used the "crystal ball" of NBA 2K13 to run a simulation predicting the entire upcoming NBA season. And it looks like the Lakers are about to win their 17th title, if the game's predictive capabilities prove accurate.

Their total findings are surprisingly elaborate, so we'll just quote them:

Can the King defend his crown?

LeBron James and the Miami Heat enter the 2012 season with the monkey off their back, having won the NBA Championship in June. In our NBA 2K13 sim, the Heat didn’t suffer any sort of letdown after their title. Behind the Big Three and future Hall of Famer Ray Allen, the Heat finished with a 62-20 record, good for homecourt advantage through the Eastern Conference Playoffs. LeBron was his typical brilliant self, scoring 25 points a game with a career-high 54% field goal percentage.

The Lakers Reload

You didn’t expect the Lakers to stand pat after last year’s playoff exit, did you? After their loss to the Thunder, the Lakers acquired two of the game’s best players in Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. All Howard did in our NBA 2K13 sim was average 25 points and 12 rebounds while taking home Defensive Player of the Year honors. The Lakers matched Miami’s record of 62-20, but claimed much-needed home court advantage through the playoffs by virtue of their two close wins over the Heat. More on that later.

You get the idea. There's more, but you get the idea. What's most important is the conference standings for the whole season, according to NBA 2K13:

Western Conference

  1. Los Angeles Lakers 62-20
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder 61-21
  3. San Antonio Spurs 57-25
  4. Los Angeles Clippers 53-29
  5. Denver Nuggets 50-32
  6. Memphis Grizzlies 47-35
  7. Golden State Warriors 44-38
  8. Minnesota Timberwolves 43-39

Eastern Conference

  1. Miami Heat 62-20
  2. Indiana Pacers 52-30
  3. New York Knicks 48-34
  4. Boston Celtics 46-36
  5. Chicago Bulls 45-37
  6. Brooklyn Nets 41-41
  7. Milwaukee Bucks 39-43
  8. Philadelphia 76ers 38-44

Do you disagree with the game's predictions? Let us know what you think.