Everybody loves Netflix, but there's still no experience quite like actually sitting your butt in a movie theater. Hoping to combine the two pastimes is MoviePass, a new startup that offers users unlimited tickets to the movie theater for a monthly subscription fee.

MoviePass has two elements: a smartphone app and a custom debit card. When you want to go see a movie, you open the app when you're near the theater and tap the movie you want to see. That activates the debit card (free via mail), which you then swipe at the cashier to get your ticket.

A MoviePass subscription covers unlimited trips to the movies for as long as it's active. For the service, users will pay between $20 and $40 per month, depending on their geographic region (movie ticket prices in New York ≠ movie ticket prices in Cleveland). That's significantly more than at-home subscription services like Netflix, of course, but the card would pay for itself with just two-to-three trips to the theater per month.

A caveat is that the service is limited to one movie per day and doesn't cover 3D flicks. If you're interested in giving MoviePass a shot, you can sign up for an invite to join as of today.

What do you guys think? Would you pay for $20-$40 bucks for a service like this? How often would you go to the movies if you did?

[via PandoDaily]