Bad news for Mob Wives fans. Renee Graziano entered Transitions Recovery, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Miami, FL., this past Monday (Oct. 14) for what appears to be an addiction to pills. Her rep is saying she's clean, because what else is the rep supposed to say?

“Although Renee Graziano has been admitted to a rehabilitation center, it is not for any current drug or alcohol use of any kind," says the rep. "Her choice to enter rehab was made entirely on her own. She has made this decision for the betterment of her son AJ [Pagan]’s life, as well as to improve her physical, mental and spiritual health.”

Look, nobody goes into rehab just for the hell of it. On the bright side though, a VH1 camera crew is reportedly in tow during this whole thing, so at the very least they'll get a few episodes out of this story arc for the show's third season.

Get well, Renee.

[via Page Six]