Tonight, the 2012 Republican candidate for the American Presidency (and lifelong Caucasian) Mitt Romney will meet veteran person-of-color and current American President Barack Obama for the second of three debates before the election.

At this town hall debate, quote-unquote "normal" people will get to ask our President and candidate Romney probing questions about hot-button issues of the day like, “Mr. President, what’s your workout routine?” and “Governor Romney, did you update your operating system for this debate?"

That said, we thought it’d be helpful—if not downright enlightening—to take a quick look back at Gov. Romney’s long and storied history with people of color, and try get some sense of just how much a Man of All People the former governor plans to be, to the vast and seething rainbow that is America.

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Written by Steve Huff (@SteveHuff)