Microsoft has announced a major security overhaul for developers working on the new Xbox. 

We all know that current consoles are coming to the end of their life cycles. Next-gen consoles are needed, and there have been no shortage of rumors concerning the Xbox 720. One of those rumors is that Microsoft's newest deck is supposed to be dropping sometime in 2013. 

Microsoft wants this to be the last rumor squeaked out:

"Microsoft is boosting its campus security at the Xbox building rumored to be building the Xbox 720 in Redmond, WA. A recent memo was scooped by geekwire that details new security measures at the Xbox and Interactive Business buildings to keep leaks to a minimum. The limited access for Microsoft employees sets a new precedent for the company, who obviously doesn’t want any of their next-gen secrets getting out ahead of time."

Just short of retina scanning and DNA swabs, Microsoft looks to be taking this pretty seriously. What do you guys think? All this security worth the trouble? Let us know on Twitter.

[via attackofthefanboy]