A McDonald's location in Virginia Beach has expanded from the typical free wi-fi service offered by the fast food chain. This McDonald's location is the first U.S. restaurant to offer complimentary iPad usage while customers enjoy their McNuggets and Apple Pies.

The owner of the Virginia Beach McDonald's, Hugh Fard, explained to the The Virginian Pilot why he digitized his location with iPads: “It’s a great idea to stay relevant, especially to a new generation. People like to multitask, so why not provide that element for them?.”

While attending a McDonald's convention, Fard discovered that McDonald's locations in Europe already adopted the concept of installing iPads into their establishments. It took a few month to get approval from McDonald's American based headquarters but once he received the green light he leased five iPads and had them installed in his franchise. Fard did not leave a comment on how the iPads were cleaned due to customer's greasy hands. 

McDonald's at this time has not considered a national roll-out of iPads for the fast food chain. What do you think? Is giving customers the ability to browse the Net while enjoying a Big Mac a good idea? Or does the idea of using a touchscreen device while you eat that has been used by hundreds of people seem unsanitary? 

[via BGR]