A subway samurai broke up a fight on a Phoenix light rail car by simply unsheathing his weapon. Once the blade was revealed, the fight came to an abrupt stop. It began when two men attacked another, punching and kicking him repeatedly. That's when a man, wearing a hat and headphones, exposed his blade and slowly approached them.

The man who was losing the fight yelled "Let me see it! Let me see it!" once he saw the sword, but the subway samurai raised his fist to signal that he had everything under control. The men who were winning the fight fled, and their victim cursed at them from the doorway of the car.

One witness uploaded a video of the fight to YouTube on Oct. 13, and comments suggest that the incident took place on Oct. 6. Another witness refuses to believe that the samurai's presence was a coincidence, and both Valley Metro Rail and Phoenix police are investigating the situation. Maybe all subway cars need silent samurai's.

[via NY Daily News]