Remember Paul Ceglia? You probably don't. Unlike the Winklevoss Twins, he wasn't made famous by The Social Network. He was the guy from Westville, New York who claimed Mark Zuckerbeg agreed to give him 50% ownership in Facebook because of an initial investment of $2,000. Yeah, well, he's been arrested for fraud.

Ceglia first sued Facebook in 2010 claiming that while Zuckerberg was doing programming work for his company,, the two entered into a contract entitling him to a large stake in the burgeoning company. His lawyers presented emails that showed the two discussing the agreement.

Turns out the guy who already has a criminal record that already includes charges of fraud, made the whole thing up. Facebook's attorney's hired forensic experts who, according to Reuters, "found that Ceglia had typed text into a Microsoft Word document and declared it was the text of emails with Zuckerberg."

Point. Zuckerberg. 

[via Reuters]