When you were a kid, didn't you hope that, one day, you could inject enough silicone into your body to become a life-sized imitation of a "Ken" doll? No? Well, that's what seperates you from Justin Jedlica, a 32-year-old man from New York City. He's gone under the knife for 90 times over the course of 10 years (the total cost of those surgeries was an estimated $100,000), putting silicone implants into his arms, abs, and buttocks. Jedlica says that he's not done with cosmetic surgeries just yet.

Wouldn't it be safer and cheaper to pick up a gym membership? Probably, but Jedlica thinks that exercising is "so not exciting—not glamorous." He chose the life-threatening route, as the Huffington Post notes that he understands the severe health risks, but he thinks that it's "a small price to pay for the perfect body" (unfortunately, natural selection probably won't take effect on someone that's mostly plastic). 

For his sake, it's a good thing he didn't grow up playing with "Stretch Armstrong" dolls.  

[via The Huffington Post]