19-year-old Cesar Ruiz has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly admitting to pouring rum into his infant son's feeding tube. Ruiz's son was taken to the hospital after experiencing breathing problems, and Ruiz explained that he only wanted to ease his son's pain. That sounds like encouraged alcoholism. 

The child began having seizures on Sunday, and hospital staff discovered that he had a blood alcohol level of .289, which more than three times the legal limit for operating a car in Louisiana. The child's mother, Erika Wigstrom, says that she and Ruiz went home to shower, and initially noticed a bottle of Bacardi Silver in the freezer. When she checked again, it was gone.

Ruiz initially denied the accusations when confronted by authorities, but ultimately admitted to taking an empty feeding tube home, filling it with alcohol and bringing it back to the hospital.

[via The Huffington Post]