Okay, we have to admit it: Lindsay Lohan has terrible luck with life, especially over the past few years. Yes, we've talked about it countless times but this week may just be one of her worst. Let's recap.

First, her father, Michael, staged an intervention to get another 15 minutes of fame get Lindsay the help she needs. The cops were called to her home when her father showed up on her property—and with nearly every media outlet in the vicinity, we also learned about Lohan's new boyfriend, Josh Chunn, who came to the door when Michael arrived. She just can't have anything to herself anymore.

Next up, she went on Twitter on Wednesday to talk about Emma Stone: "wtf is emma stone?" So, yeah, translate that how you will; the tweet has since been deleted. On Wednesday night, she was rejected by the doorman at Le Baron. Bullett Magazine was throwing a party for Cat Power and LiLo just didn't make the cut.

Later on in the week, rumors swirled that the actress reportedly stole $15,000 worth of clothing from the set of Scary Movie 5.

So, finally, it's been announced that her publicist Steve Honig has resigned. After reading through the laundry lists of mishaps in just one week for Lohan, we can't say we're surprised. People speculated that Honig quit due to Michael Lohan's overbearing involvement in Lindsay's life. Honig responded: "Michael wishes he were that important."

Unfortunately, that's about as far as he goes: "I'm not discussing this out of respect for my client."

Lindsay, time to make some changes.

[via Perez Hilton]