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We love to count other people's money— especially celebrities. So just how much money does Britney Spears have?

According to new documents recently filed in her conservatorship case, Britney's basically loaded. At the end of 2010 she had $32,376,140.90 in assets and that wasn't even counting a handful of assets.

Thing is, she also spends a lot of money. It's not like she's blowing through $32 million any time soon, but still, money is money.

In 2010 she spent $303,673.72 on child support and care. Her cleaning expenses totaled $27,265. Grooming and wardrobe cost her $61,295.12. Her electric bill, for just one month, was $5,629.43!!! Her house in Calabasas is rented at $19,000 a month.

So yeah, the girl spends.

[via TMZ]