After selling more than five million Galaxy Notes, Samsung is hoping the follow-up to the hybrid tablet smartphone device will find similar success. To facilitate that, Samsung's called on some big names to help push the phone/tablet to the masses. For the Note II's NYC launch, for example, Kanye West performed an intimate concert. And for a new TV spot, aired Tuesday, opening night of the NBA season, Samsung tapped none other than current MVP, world champion, and gold medal winner, LeBron James. 

The commercial, titled "LeBron's Day with the Samsung Galaxy Note II," has Bron using the Note II while preparing to receive his 2012 NBA championship ring. He chills with his kids, chills with some fans, chills with his boys, all before heading to AmericanAirlines Arena for the first game of the season. If it sounds long, well, that's because at 1:31 it is. But it's good. 

This is just the latest in an increasingly long string of entertaining commercials form the South Korean electronics maker. The commercial works because it balances highlights of the device's capabilities with the, what we imagine, expensive star power. There's another level, too. 

Earlier today, LeBron tweeted out a photo of the Championship edition of the Nike LeBron Xs he wore tonight. Scribbled above and below the kicks, in what we're to believe is his handwriting, is "Championship Kicks!! #LeBron 10s." Did LeBron really use a Galaxy Note II to take and send that photo? There's a scene in the spot of him snapping a photo of the hows. And the whole appeal of the device is the ability for customers to use the special S Pen stylus. But, who knows. It doesn't matter, though, 'cause now you're thinking about it. Samsung (and LeBron) wins. 

[via YouTube]