Considering it's 30 Rock's last season, numbers don't really matter all that much, but this is still sad news nonetheless - according to Vulture, ratings for last night's seventh season premiere of the show on NBC only averaged a 1.3 rating on the Nielsen scale for the advertiser-coveted adults under 50 group, and was only seen by 3.4 million people. This is unfortunately the lowest debut for the show ever, down 28% from the sixth season premiere. There is one bit of good news, however - ratings for the show do tend to go up when DVR views are counted, so it's nearly guaranteed that these numbers will rise when those ratings are tallied in.

As for other networks, CBS easily won the night with the second episode of Elementary, which averaged 11.2 million viewers and only dropped about 16% in ratings compared to last week's series premiere.

What did you watch last night?

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[via Vulture]