Donatella Versace has a long history with Madonna. Is Madge going to be mad her gal pal is hanging out with her rival Lady Gaga. Possibly.

The pair were spotted Monday night (October 1) on the balcony of the Palazzo Versace in Milan, Italy, where they hammed it up for anxious paparazzi. The funny thing is, they looked strangely alike, despite their age difference. Which could be perceived as a dig at Gaga, or kudos to Donatella.

Gaga was in town for a dinner that Donatella was hosting for her. Versace has designed many of the costumes Gaga is using on her Born This Way tour, although it remains to be seen if any of the new outfits her label has asked her to order for expanded wasteline are Versace-made.

[via Daily Mail]

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