Even with all the legal drama surrounding Megaiupload, founder Kim Dotcom is  determined to once again sit atop the online storage and file sharing world. Dotcom, along with some business partners, are launching a new endeavor they're simply calling Mega. 

Mega will be a cloud-based service sucbscription service that will allow users to upload and share files. The site will differ from Megaupload in that user's files will be encrypted priot to them being uploaded. In order to share files the user must provide a unique decryption key. 

Legally, Dotcom will be in the clear with Mega. The site's owners will have no access to users stored on their service files due to the encryption, leaving the site free from charges of hosting illegal content. According to Dotcom, unless encryption is illegal, Mega can't be accused of breaking copyright laws like Megaupload.

Even with all his legal trouble Dotcom has no bad blood with the music and movie industry, Mega was not created to be “a giant middle finger to Hollywood and the DoJ,” he said. Mega will even have policies in place to handle users who violate copyright laws. 

Does this mean Dotcom isn't still planning on launching Megabox

[WIred via Slash Gear]