So the Killzone Trilogy, which includes the first-ever HD remake of the original Killzone, is available now on PS3. It's the perfect way to experience the awesome and weighty Killzone franchise all in one place. Here's what Helghast Autarch Scolar Visari has to say about it, via the PlayStation Blog

“My people… Sons and daughters of Helghan… Today is a glorious day for our nation. For many years, our history was incomplete – divided, fragmented, and split up over multiple platforms. But on this day, the record of our great struggle is made whole. On this day, Killzone Trilogy is released for PlayStation 3!

Experience the power of the Third Helghast Army in the original Killzone, remastered in majestic HD. Witness the tyranny of the ISA as it attempts to seize Helghan in Killzone 2. Tremble before the awesome might of the Helghast war machine in Killzone 3. Then, go online and smite the enemy on any of the enclosed DLC multiplayer maps!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I have declared the coming weekend a Double XP Weekend. All acts of valor in online multiplayer matches of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 shall be doubly rewarded! Go online and strike at your foes without fear or hesitation… Remind them, with every bullet fired and every drop of blood spilt, that Helghan belongs to the Helghast!”

Ahem. So, yeah. Should be fun? The Trilogy is available in stores for $39.99, while Killzone HD, the remastering of the original PS2 game, is also available by itself from the PlayStation Store online for $14.99.

[via PlayStation Blog]