The folks at Evil Controllers are pretty convinced that they've nailed down the future of controllers, and they'd like your help in funding it. The lithium ion battery lies at the heart of their new Xbox 360 controller, and it can supposedly hold a charge for weeks, while allowing for ten hours of straight gameplay before needing to be recharged.

A $50 donation to the Kickstarter gets you a backplate with which you can mod an existing Xbox 360 controller, making it lighter and cooler (with air vents), not to mention "smoother." It's also got a "kill switch" to easily turn the controller off, and comes with a 6-foot microUSB cable for charging.

Pledging $80 and up can get you a pre-modded official Xbox 360 controller, and the more money you pledge, the more elaborate those mods become.

Do you think the Xbox 360 controller's battery life is too short? Is Evil Controllers' vision of the future worth another $50 or more?