The MC walks you through the Compton of his youth, and beyond.

This feature is a part of Complex's "good kid, m.A.A.d city" Week.

As Kendrick Lamar said in our cover story, "Iʼm not interested in rapping about what I’m experiencing now because I havenʼt soaked it all in yet. Maybe my next album, when I see more of the world, when I can sit back and think, ‘OK, Iʼve done it’—maybe then I can talk about these things. Now, Iʼm still in Compton.”

Born in 1987, Kendrick was raised in the CPT, the city synonymous with gangsta rap. But his experience of Compton (and the greater Los Angeles area) can't be defined by easy stereotypes.

Walk with the MC through the haunts of his youth, and the places he ventures to now that he's the artist speaking loudest for the West.

As told to Ross Scarano (@RossScarano)

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