As Seen In: "The Gang Sells Out" (Season 3); "The Waitress is Getting Married" (Season 5); "Mac and Dennis Break Up" (Season 5); "The Gang Gets a New Member" (Season 6)
Location: 1201 Filbert St.

In Season 3, the gang tries to sell Paddy's to restaurant chain "Oldies Rock Cafe." When Dee finds out that she won't profit from the sale of the bar because she doesn't own any shares, she applies for a job at an Oldies Rock Cafe. She spots The Waitress, who's become a manager there now that a Starbucks is stealing all of the business away from Philly Java Company, so she strong-arms The Waitress into getting her a job there. Soon enough, she gets Charlie and Dennis jobs at the restaurant, and the three of them quickly piss The Waitress off. The restaurant also appears during the fifth season, where a sweaty Charlie meets a woman for a date and informs her that he's a "full on rapist" while trying to explain that he's a "philanthropist."

This is actually a Maggiano's Little Italy, and is located right on the corner of 12th & Filbert in Center City. It's directly across the street from Reading Terminal Market and the downtown Philly location of the Marriott. It's great for dining in, picking up food that will most certainly get smashed later, or private events like banquets. If you've never been, the Chicken Parmesan is so good that it will fucking kill you.