As Seen In: "The Gang Gives Back" (Season 2)
Location: 500 South Broad St.

Charlie Day, who plays Charlie Kelly, wrote this episode, which finds Charlie stooping to exceptionally pathetic lows to win the heart of the Waitress. Her disgust is a joy to watch, especially when the viewer knows that the two are actually married.

Charlie attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting wasted, and runs into his distant lover. In a sad attempt to convince people that he's not an alcoholic, he proves that he is an alcoholic. Against her own judgement (but to Charlie's delight), the Waitress offers to be his sponsor, as long as that's the extent of their relationship. Charlie agrees, and attempts to remain sober so as to charm his beloved. He fails at both.

The AA meeting takes place inside of a health center managed by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. At this location, residents are offered immunizations, flu shots, basic and emergency dental care, gynecological care, check-ups, prenatal care, and HIV, STD, and STI testing.