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In 2005, FX blessed the TV world with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, an ensemble comedy a la  Seinfeld, but on crack. For seven demented seasons (and now the eighth, airing now), the show has followed the exploits of the Gang, a group of lovable underachievers who entertain by embarrassing themselves time after time. Never learning from your mistakes makes for greatness. On TV, that is.

The City of Brotherly Love is the setting for Sunny, and every season numerous scenes are shot on location there. To show our love and appreciation, we watched every episode and took note of some of the significant places. Then, because we love the show that much, we ran around Philly, taking photos of the actual locations, ducking cops and Philadelphia Parking Authority at the same damn time. Here, you'll see a shot from the show, followed by our photography.

Enjoy the show's eighth season, airing every Thursday at 10 p.m., and enjoy the sprawling It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Atlas

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316).