Hyrule: Total War is a perfect example of what video game mods should be used for. The mod lays familiar faces of the Zelda universe over Medieval 2: Total War, and the result is the rumblings of war.

Some of the races that make an appearance in the mod are the Hyrulans, the Kokiri, and the Zora. Mixing up all of characters from all of the titles is an awesome way to make the Zelda universe more cohesive. Check out the footage above, and you'll see what we mean.

"The Hero of Time has chosen to return to the past, a choice that ultimately has ruined the charts of history and sent Hyrule into chaos," reads the mod's description. "Major wars that were already decided have unmade themselves, allowing fallen armies a second chance at these critical events in Hyrule's history."

The mod was created by modder The_Undying_Nephalim and can be downloaded from Mod DB. Let us know what happens after you declare war on Twitter.