Minecraft creator Notch has been hard at work all year on his next game, an ambitious sci-fi project called 0x10c. We still don't fully undestand what it is, but that's to be expected—imagine if someone had tried to explain Minecraft to you while that game was in development. See?

Either way, we were alerted today that some new test footage has hit Youtube. Notch has been putting videos up pretty regularly, and the latest one deals with multiplayer. It doesn't really look very…fun. Not right now, at least. But we're guessing test footage of Minecraft looked pretty awful too. And that lighting looks pretty impressive.

In other words, we're more than willing to give Notch and the folks at Mojang the benefit of the doubt on this one. Especially if he can create something half as incredible as Minecraft. Have you seen any other cool footage of 0x10c?

[via Joystiq]