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So, you just copped what was, before yesterday, the "new iPad." Then you hopped on the Internet yesterday and learned that not only did Apple release a mini iPad, but refreshed the iPad with a faster processor and graphical processor and tossed the 30-pin connector aside for the new Lightning connector. And you're pretty pissed. 

Calm down. There may be a way for you to upgrade for free. 

According CNET, some Apple stores, like the Stockton Street store in San Francisco, are allowing customers who purchased a new iPad within the past 30 days to exchange it for the iPad with Retina Display. The Stockton Street store manager said that if the old iPad didn't have any damage, the store will waive its usual 14-day return policy. 

The iPad with Retina Display, as Apple is calling the new iPad, isn't a complete overhaul of the tablet, but if you just bought an old one and want it, check with your local Apple Store and see if you'll be able to exchange it. If they say no, show 'em this article and let 'em know that you know that it's happening at other stores. 

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