Fame is fleeting. Even more so if it's the byproduct of reality television. 

Heidi Montag learned that the hard way when she couldn't flip her role on The Hills into anything really lucrative. Thus, she wound up blowing a lot of the money she earned at the height of her popularity and is now living the life of a pauper, basically.

She lives at the parents house of her husband Spencer Pratt to keep costs down. "A lot of our expenses are minimized," she says.

How much money did she run through, though?

"I've never really counted, so I'm not sure [how much we lost]," she says. "[But] over a million or so."

Still, she's not crying for yesterday. Montag is happy with the simpler life.

"I only miss the money," she says. "If we would have saved our money, it would have been better."

[via Access Hollywood]