Microsoft's Q1 2013 earnings report reveals some interesting figures about the Xbox 360. Namely, that 70 million consoles have been sold since the system's introduction in 2005. Joystiq puts this in the contexts of Olympic-size swimming pools (you'd need 165 of them to hold all that hardware) and blue whales (the consoles would weigh the same as 2,156 of them).

In other words, that's a shitload of Xbox 360s.

The figure is up from 67.2 million in April, though month-over-month sales are down from 2011. So while the Xbox 360's lifespan may finally be winding down, it's still inarguably on top—according to Microsoft, it's got 49 percent of the market share. Wowee!

How many Xbox 360s have you owned since 2005?

[via Joystiq]