With products like Android and YouTube stealing all the headlines, it can be easy to forget that Google's central mission is to organize the world's information. One of the coolest ways the company has been achieving that goal is through its Cultural Institute, which over the past year has produced beautiful online experiences that make global treasures like the palace at Versailles and the Dead Sea Scrolls easily accessible to the masses.

The Cultural Institute's latest project isn't built around a specific place or object, but instead aims to take users back in time, providing rich, multimedia exhibitions that cover major historical events of the last century. Visitors can learn about Auschwitz, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and more in a series of informative slideshows.

To create the exhibitions, Google partnered with 17 museums and historical societies from around the world, including Anne Frank House, the Imperial War Museums, the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and more. Check out the exhibitions for yourself here.

[via Mashable]