Google yesterday made an announcement that put its Nexus line of handheld devices directly in the crosshairs of Apple. Today the company hit a milestone that puts it squarely on par with the Cupertino, CA company: the Google Play Store now offers 700,000 mobile apps for the Android OS. The same amount as Apple's App Store. 

Google (and Microsoft) has been notably behind Apple in the mobile app race, with Apple sprinting ahead. At an event in September, Google announced that it had reached 25 billion downloads and that the Play store was home to 675,000 apps. When Apple unveiled the new iPad Mini a week ago, it boasted that its App Store had 700,000 apps.

That gap, it seems, has now closed. At least in the number of available downloads. Apple still reigns supreme with over 35 billion downloads of those apps. But with a new Nexus smartphone and an all-new 10-inch Nexus tablet, as well as all the mind-blowing Samsung Galaxy Nexus S III sales from the past two quarters, those numbers could reach and even best Apple in the near future.

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