Clothing buttons have remained largely unchanged for years. They come in a wide assortment of materials—everything from abalone shells to mother of pearl (which Complex Style says are overrated). But despite the material they're made from, they do the same thing. One designer wants to expand the button's list of duties for the new age.

Introducing Button 2.0.

A simple idea, really, the Button 2.0 works as any other button does. It fastens two pieces of fabric together, but an added groove allows the wearer to secure his or her headphone cable within the little groove on its side. The idea is to keep your headphones from wavering while you're listening to your music and rushing along somewhere.

The designer modeled the Button 2.0 after Apple's signature white earbuds, but it's supposed to work any nearly any other potable headphone that has a cord which doesn't exceed 2mm in thickness.

The Button 2.0 costs $3 each. So if you want to deck out your entire wardrobe, you would need to dish out a considerable amount of dough.

Would we cop? Nah, probably not. We'd rather put that $3 into buying better headphones.

[Shapeways via Gizmag]

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