Don't you love it when rap lyrics are vindicated by real life? 22-year-old Ashley Bellamy was arrested after police discovered 36 vials of crack stashed in her vagina. Bellamy and her boyfriend, Marcus Gibson, pulled a gun on a man who wanted to buy crack from them in the parking lot of a Wawa in Upper Darby, PA. They sent him back inside to get more money than the $50 he had, so the man went and called the police. Police arrived and noticed Bellamy's strange walk when she was ordered to exit her vehicle. 

A female officer was summoned to search Bellamy, and she admitted that she had hidden the drugs inside of her body. She and Gibson were charged with possession and intent to deliver, and the gun was never recovered. At least Gibson's knows Bellamy is ride-or-die.

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[via The Huffington Post]

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