Mozilla has joined forces with Facebook in an effort to keep users up to date with their friends while surfing the web. 

In a new update, Facebook Messenger has been directly integrated with Mozilla's Firefox as a sidebar, allowing users to chat with friends without opening an independent tab. 

The new Social API for Firefox was recently launched in its beta version. Besides the Messenger feature, your Facebook timeline is visible from the sidebar. Additionally, sharing web pages is easier because of the new "Like" button added to the address bar. If you're worried the new Firefox sidebar will become more of a distraction due to its convenience, Mozilla made the Social API with an opt-in design, so the user has to manually install it to their browser. If you do install the sidebar you can also hide the bar to utilize FIrefox's full screen.

Is it just us, or does this sound like Mozilla's attempt to take on Rockmelt? You know, the browser that was built around social and let's you share stories and stay connected with friends on all the popular social networks? 

If you want to try out Mozilla's new Social API for Firefox, download the beta version of Firefox here. After installing the browser install the Facebook Messenger app for Firefox here.

[via Web Monkey]