In an announcement on his Facebook page, director Kevin Smith revealed that he will be writing a new Batman mini-series for DC to be released this summer titled Batman: Bellicosity. This will be the follow-up to his previous series: Batman: Cacophony and Batman: The Widening Gyre. Being that the previous two stories started before DC’s New 52 debuted, it’s possible that Bellicosity will be the last Batman story to ever be set in the company’s classic continuity. Check out what Smith had to say about the project below:


SPOILERS: This Walt Flanagan splash page showcases the Dark Knight and the unnerving Onomatopoeia from ish 1 of the forthcoming conclusion to our New York Times Best-Selling Batman cycle!

A few years back, DC Comics made my dream come true when they let me do a BATMAN comic book mini-series with one of my best friends - COMIC BOOK MEN Stash manager, Walt Flanagan.

It started with BATMAN: CACOPHONY...

It continued with BATMAN: THE WIDENING GYRE...

And in 2013, the blood will run in the final chapter of the battle between Batman and Onomatopoeia ...


Summer, 2013

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[via Kevin Smith Facebook]