Lindsay Lohan's not the only Lohan with major problems. Her mother Dina seems to be up to her neck in debt, to the tune of $1.3 million.

The bulk of it— $1.1 million— is due to JPMorgan Chase on a $914,000 mortgage she took out on her house. She's in the hole for another $302,000 to a former business associate who lent her the cash. She's got $27,100 due on a BMW. She owes $16,138 to a divorce attorney. And then she's got a 2007 landscaper bill for $5,046.20 and a 2008 dental bill for $2,236, respectively.

Lindsay recently floated her mom $40,000 so her house wouldn't get foreclosed on. Seems she's going to need to dig a little deeper into her piggy bank to take care of this mess.

[via Radar Online]

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