Launched in February, the Clear for iPhone to-do app quickly became one of our favorite mobile applications, making it onto our 25 Best Apps of 2012 (So Far) list. Realmac, the company behind the app, today announced that it will be releasing a version for Mac OS X called Clear for Mac.

To keep both the desktop and mobile apps synched together, Clear for Mac will have the ability to connect to iCloud. The Mac OS X version will eschew Apple's design language and retain its own. All the features from the mobile version will be there, too, such as left swipe to delete items and right swipe to signify a task's completion. According to The Verge, there will also be some new "Mac-specific features like keyboard shortcuts, a menu bar icon for quick access, and the ability to open multiple to-do lists onscreen."

Clear for Mac will be available from the Mac App Store on November 8th for a pretty pricey $15. Realmac will release Clear for iPhone 1.2 on the same day. The updated mobile app will include iCloud capabilities so you can keep your to-do list synced on the go.

[via The Verge]