The devoted legions of Sid Meier's seminal Civilization series will get the chance to flex their MMO muscles very soon. Of course, those muscles are going to need an IP address in Asia to get their global domination on.

2K games has released a press release this morning that XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization developer Firaxis will be working with Korean XLGames to release Civilization Online. The Asian market only title will be launching sometime in the near future. The press release went on to say:

Civilization series creator, Firaxis Games, and XLGAMES have been lending their respective expertise and vision to developing Civilization Online. Mr. Song is highly regarded for his integral role in creating the popular Korean MMORPG, Lineage, which has attracted 43 million players. For this project, he is leading a team of more than 100 people in Seoul, making it one of the most ambitious online game development initiatives taking place in South Korea.

There you have it. Hopefully the devotees of Sid Meier won't toss themselves into the abyss lemming style on recieving this news. What do you think of the news?