Gang violence in Chicago has gotten its fair share of media attention, particularly in 2012. The number of young people killed in the Windy City has left many wondering what's the right solution to solve the problem. According to one gang member, the only solution is violence. During a segment from Chicago's CBS2, the question about the proper solution to violence in the city is posed to a group. In a bone-chillingly calm voice, one young man says "there is no solution—killing, killing is the solution."

When asked is he had ever killed anyone, he said he hadn't, but would if he had to. Another explains that he believes the only way to get the things he wants in life is to take from others, or specifically to "rob," "steal" or "kill." The group believes that their upbringing has left them disadvantaged due to limited options, so crime is the most logical decision. If offers insight to those unfamiliar or confused with the mentality, but also shares the bleak outlook with which these young men (and many others) live.

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[via The Smoking Section]