"For generations," reads PETA's latest video game-based protest, Pokemon: Black and Blue. "Pokemon have suffered at the hands of their cruel trainers. Help PETA free Pikachu and his Pokemon friends as they struggle for Pokemon liberation!"

We're guessing no one told PETA that Pokemon isn't actually real. We're not saying there aren't real animals being abused all over the world, but we are saying that this isn't helping those animals. It's almost like PETA just pulls sensationalist bullshit like this just to get the press—oh wait. Now we get it. Bravo.

Our favorite video game-based PETA stunts from the past involve such brazenly offensive games as Cooking Mama and Super Mario Bros. 3. Yup, there's nothing they won't touch. We're trying to figure out the point of this Pokemon: Black and Blue thing, and it's just not coming to us. Anyone?

By the way, it took us three tries, but we realized that you can't win that first battle with using "Protest" and "Group Hug." In retrospect, that makes perfect sense.