We already know Britney Spears is swimming in cash. Now she's putting some of it to use, plunking down $8.5 million on a new 8,456 square-foot mansion in Sherman Oaks, LA.

The house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, infinity pool, wine cellar, home theatre and fireplace. This crib is roughly 15 miles from the house he's been renting in Calabasas, which is costing her $19,000 in rent per month.

Assuming she took out a 30-year-mortgage with interest at seven percent, and that she put down something sensible, like 10 percent up front— $850,000 in this instance— her monthly bill for the house would be $50,895.64.

That's serious cash, and much more than what she was paying to rent.

Then again, this is all hypothetical. She could have just purchased the house in full. That's some rich celebrity shit and Britney Spears is definitely a rich celebrity.

[via Daily Mail]