Just when you think this show is all tapped out of new casting news...well, it's not. Looks like in addition to House of Lies and Parks and Recreation star Ben Schwartz's recently announced participation in the next season of the newly rebooted Arrested Development, Carl Weathers is set to return to the series as Tobias Fünke's acting coach as well. 

"All the old friends are back," Star David Cross revealed to Vulture. "Carl Weathers is back."

Weathers joins a long list of guest stars for the fourth season of the series, which is set to premiere on Netflix next year. Said list includes: Schwartz, Judy GreerScott BaioLiza MinnelliJeff GarlinHenry Winkler, Isla FisherTerry CrewsJohn Slattery, and Workaholics stars Blake AndersonAdam DeVine, and Anders Holm. So, basically, everyone.

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[via Vulture]